Friday, February 21, 2020

Instagram 2K

That day I stopped on the doorstep
London, ON
October 2017
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Instagram tells me this is the 2,000th photo I’ve shared on the platform, so I feel the need to mark the occasion in some way.

This despite the fact that I’m generally not one for milestones.

Who, after all, decides that #1,000 should be any more special than #647? Why we work ourselves into a tizzy over numbers and dates is beyond me. The recent internet meme-a-thon over the significance of February 2, 2020 was a perfect example of this numbers thing taken to its ridiculous extreme.

Well, today is February 21, 2020: That’s got to be significant in some way, right?

Which is my convoluted way of saying every day matters, and it’s entirely up to us whether we choose to recognize it.

The photo I’ve chosen to mark this not-a-milestone milestone exemplifies that mindset. I took it October 27, 2017, an ordinary mid-autumn Friday. The sun was putting on quite the show behind the empty trees as I stepped out to go to work. And despite the need to get out and get on my way, I fetched my Nikon so I could remember the moment.

Not a 2,000th-photo-class day, mind you. But I don’t much care. It was special in its own right. Unique. Irreplaceable. And now I can remember what it felt like because I stopped on my doorstep and took a picture.

I hope you’re able to remember your days - all of them - in a similar way. Because they all matter.

My annoyance over misplaced milestones notwithstanding, it’s been a privilege to get to share my weird vision with you here, and I hope the future offers up countless more opportunities to do so. Long may we all shoot (photos), write, and share.

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