Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Cheetos were meant to be orange

Distracted at the window
London, ON
March 2020
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I'm ashamed to admit I've been snacking more than usual of late. Tension does that to me.

I'm trying to offset the dietary pothole by walking whenever I can, but in a world where the mere act of going outside is now fraught with danger and fear, my smartwatch regrets to inform me that I've become a couch potato.

During one of my full-combat grocery runs earlier this week, I loaded up on snack foods because, let's face it, they bring us comfort. And the thought of the fam smiling at my haul when I got home weighed heavily on my mind as I carefully assembled a pile of goodies that would have made a nutritionist squirm.

There's that word again, family. If they smile, it's a good day. End of story.

Among my unhealthy haul was a bag of Cheetos. Specifically, white cheddar. I chose them over the more traditional orange ones because I hate making a mess. A few bites in, I decided this would be my first and last attempt to challenge junk food history.

Because when you're looking for comfort, new-and-improved means little if it fails to remind you of what made it comforting in the first place. Childhood Carmi ate the orange ones. He made a mess in the process, and many a white t-shirt never fully recovered because of his cheesy addiction.

This...just wasn't the same. The kids smiled when I got home, but they ate the Snickers bars instead. Smart kids.

The dog? She was too busy barking at the squirrel on the other side of the patio doors to notice. Some things never change.

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