Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Windswept into oblivion

London, ON
February 2013
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Funny things happen when you point your camera at a seemingly featureless expanse of snow. At first, it hardly seems worth the effort, as there certainly can't be anything worthwhile down there.

But patience can be a virtue. After staring through the viewfinder for a while, the formerly flat landscape starts to reveal itself, suggesting with increasing levels of detail that it's anything but featureless.

But you don't get to that point if you neglect to take the time, if you don't skip a beat, if you fail to appreciate that first glances are almost never enough.

There are hidden textures like this everywhere, all lurking within easy reach or view. Sadly, most of us never take the time to appreciate them. Our loss.

Please note: Thematic will return with a new theme, white, next Monday. With apologies to our blessedly dedicated group of weekly participants, I needed the break. Thank you for your understanding.


Alexia said...

We do understand. We have all felt for you and your family.

Mike Wood said...

This reminds me of my seemingly never ending series of images on snow drifts I also shot in February.

And a break is good now and then. No worries :)