Wednesday, September 12, 2018

21 trips around the sun

Serious by the water
Vermilion Bay, ON
July 2018
I'm not supposed to embarrass my kids, so I'll be brief: Today is our daughter's 21st birthday.

Dahlia came into the world a tiny, beautiful being with eyes that wouldn't let go from the moment we first caught her gaze. She's since grown into a less-tiny being, even more beautiful inside and out, and those eyes still captivate.

She's always seen the world through her own lens. Like her mom, she's limitlessly kind, fiercely creative, sharply intelligent, with a wicked sense of humor and an ability to connect with anyone of any age. Watching her with kids reminds me of Debbie - that teacher's gift. She has it.

If she's your friend, she's your friend forever. She's always been something of an old soul, and time spent with her is always time you wish you had more of. Whether it's barely sunrise and we're getting ourselves and the dog ready for the day, or we're running errands in the car on the way home, or we're just walking the beach with our cameras, talking about the possibilities and the technical challenges of bringing decent pixels home, moments with her matter.

Parents are always proud of their kids because, well, they're theirs. But when I get stopped by friends, colleagues and strangers alike so they can gush about what a fundamentally good person our daughter is, I've got to think that somewhere along the way, the universe saw fit to bless us with not just a child, but a truly special one.

I blinked and 21 years went by, but I'm thankful she's grown into such an accomplished, beloved individual. It's all any parent can wish for.

Your turn: Feel free to drop her a line on her Facebook page or Instagram account. Tell her Dad sent you :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Thematic Photographic 423 - On the street

Urban chaos
London, ON
August 2018
Photo originally shared on Instagram
I've been doing a lot of walking around this summer. Working in a new neighborhood on the edge of the downtown core has given me ample reasons to wander the streets in search of new sources of inspiration. While some of it is big, brassy, and new, this week's Thematic launch photo suggests that isn't always the case. You're looking at the back of a row of buildings that front onto tony Richmond Street (aka Richmond Row.) IMHO, the front-facing parts don't hold a candle to the laneway you see here.

In fact, the view is often more interesting when you get around the back of a thing and peer beneath the literal and figurative covers. Facades are pretty thin, after all, and all it takes is a quick walk along virtually any street to confirm that very simple fact.

Your turn: This week's Thematic theme, On the street, celebrates the random or not-so-random pics we shoot when we're out and about. If it's a street view, we want to see it. Post it to your blog, website or social media account, then leave a comment here letting everyone know where to find it. Visit other participants and feel free to invite a friend along for the ride. To learn more about how Thematic Photographic works, head here. Otherwise, happy shooting!