Friday, September 07, 2018

Storm's coming

Angry sky over a peaceful land
St. Thomas, ON
August 2018
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I shot this from the parking lot of Shaw's Ice Cream. This place is an institution, an iconic stop along the way home from the day at Port Stanley Beach, and an important memory for our kids. So it was a given that we'd pop in on the way home from a day at the shore.

As it was, we left the beach early as the threatening clouds began to gather. A combination of a worrywart dad and highly precise weather radar apps on my phone meant I didn't want to chance getting caught in a southern Ontario thunderstorm. As we drove north, we watched the skies darken still further.

They opened up seconds after we finished our cones, jumped into the car and got back on the road. But thankfully Mother Nature left me just enough time - about 10 seconds, by my post-event estimate - to compose and shoot this shot across the road as the winds picked up and we could feel the first droplets of rain. Sometimes you get lucky.

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