Monday, July 14, 2014

Thematic Photographic 301 - Dirty

Many tiny bits
Grand Bend, ON
July 2014
The scene: My wife and I are on the beach, marking the symbolic end to a rather important day in our life together (more here). The sun is sinking into the horizon on the other side of the lake, seemingly being swallowed over there at the edge of the planet, yet still seemingly close enough to touch. Funny how that works.

I'm working my DSLR, fingers flying over the controls, trying to capture the fast-moving scene before it winks out for good. For reasons I still don't quite understand, I stop what I'm doing and pull my smartphone out of my pocket. Then I point it straight down at the sand and grab this one frame.

In retrospect, I'm glad I hauled out the smartphone, cruddy lens and all, because that subtle little glow in the sand speaks volumes to me about how it felt to be Right There with my best friend.

This photo reminds me that sometimes we just have to look at a moment from a different perspective. No reason required as long as it feels right.

Your turn: The world is a dirty place, so this week's Thematic Photographic theme - the first one of our next-300 adventure - celebrates all that is wonderfully dirty around us. Shoot a dirty scene - dirt itself, something covered with it, or something that suggests dirtiness - and post the result to your blog or website. Leave a comment here letting folks know where to find it, then visit other participants to spread the photographic wealth. Want to share more than once through the week? Go for it. Want to invite a friend? The more the merrier. Want to tweet it? Use the #ThematicPhotographic hashtag. Need to learn more about how all this works? Head here. Otherwise, have fun with your shutter. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


fredamans said...

The world is dirty indeed.

fredamans said...

The world is dirty indeed.

21 Wits said...

Oh I like this theme! We can have a lot of fun with I think. So many ways to go dirty! Here's mine

21 Wits said...

I forgot to mention, I like your sand scribbles! Hehehe!

Cloudia said...

I like your photo and it's sweet story, Carmi.

My dad used to say "Some people don't know what dirt is." He was talking about our family cleaning business. I wrote about growing up with the grit of the city here:


21 Wits said...

Good morning! I just had to find some fresh dirt this morning. Here it is

Jutta.K. said...

Dirty...or not dirty ?!

Max Sartin said...

Ahhh, sand. The Beach. Something I miss very much.
Here's my dirty shots.

Bob Scotney said...

I hope our dirty photos get passed the censors.

Alexia said...

An interesting topic indeed.
Dirty? You be the judge

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I have finally got it together.

Dirt and Fences

One problem with taking so many photos is it can be hard to find older ones that you're looking for...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

P.S. Here is the link for Alexia's post (he posted helpfully):

A mote in your eye - Dirty?

Alexia said...

Oh dear - must remember to preview posts before I post them!

Thanks thunder - my post is here

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Nice post and delightful topic, I've enjoyed looking at some of the other posts, too.
Here is mine

Unknown said...

This is at a construction site