Thursday, December 04, 2014

When a puppy naps

And dream of sheep
London, ON
October 2014
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Say hello to our dog, Frasier. He doesn't speak English and I don't speak dog. So when I get down on the floor and stick my face right up to his, I'm not entirely sure what's going on between those floppy ears of his. At various times, I like to imagine that he loves the attention. Other times, the pessimist in me figures he's just tolerating me as he awaits the next trip to the treat bin. When you're a scnhauzer, after all, it's all about the treats.

Which is perfectly fine by me. Because a dog's life is full of all sorts of moments. Intense play, intense napping, intense cuddling, not to mention the part where he stands just inside the front door and howls relentlessly while I get my winter gear on. He's quite adept with time, as I apparently don't move fast enough for him.

And as he tries to rush me out the door, I find myself trying to slow the experience down. Every moment is worth remembering, worth committing to memory somehow.

Because we don't get enough of these moments in the first place.

Your turn: What's he thinking?


Bob Scotney said...

Oh no! He's got that camera thing out again.

Michèle et Jean-Claude said...

Here's Max!


patti said...

"There's a lovely, warm spot on this section of the floor."

21 Wits said...

What! I thought you had to talk dog! Are you totally sure?!