Monday, October 19, 2015

Dead leaves on the ground

Almost finished
London, ON
October 2015
Photos by Dahlia Levy. Click to enlarge.
As part of our most recent Thematic Photographic theme, we've been celebrating autumn's goodness all week long - head here if you've got your own autumn-themed pics to share. And after last week's walkabout with our daughter, I've had lots of goodness to stare at thanks to her very thoughtful approach to photography.

I've been reviewing her work and I keep coming back to the way she shoots the leaves that wouldn't normally qualify as perfect, or otherwise representative of the season's brilliant-color mantra.

Anyone who knows her already knows she has a very unique way of looking at the world. And as we headed out on this brilliantly sunny day, she didn't necessarily set out to capture the violent reds, blazing oranges and retina-searing yellows that screamed out from the trees above.

Rather, based on the pixels she brought back, she cast a far broader eye and, in the process, managed to tell an even more memorable story than one of simple colors. As we walked deeper into the hushed shadows of the valley, she looked for the leftovers, the stuff that got left behind, the things most of us wouldn't take the time to see. And she saw something - texture, tone, I don't even have words to describe it - that I can't even imagine capturing now, let alone when I was 18 and just figuring out my own way around a camera. Every time I look at her photos (the complete set is here) I feel the need to reach through the screen and touch the leaves.

She's got an eye, this kid, and I can't wait to see where else she chooses to take it.

Quick note: Due to the Canadian election (more here), I'll post the next Thematic theme on Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock Eastern.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It is a very nice shot, Carmi.

photowannabe said...

Your daughter is so lovely. that was a very special day to walk in the woods together.
I went to her link and I have to agree she has a great eye.
The way she captures light and texture are super.
I especially like the ones with her feet in them.