Monday, December 07, 2015

Thematic Photographic 358 - Roadside

All alone
London, ON
December 2015
I've been walking a lot more than usual lately. Whether I need a lunchtime break from the workday or a long wander through the neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon, I find being away for a bit to be remarkably soothing to the soul.

Or maybe that's what I convince myself will happen when every other fibre of my being would rather stay inside, where it's warm and cozy. Either way, I'm glad I'm listening to the "let's walk" voice more often these days.

On my journeys, I'm seeing a lot of weird stuff by the side of the road. And since I shoot what I see, I'd like to turn it into this week's theme.

Your turn: As you've doubtless guessed, we're shooting roadside-themed pics this week. If you have one in mind, please post it to your blog or website, then leave a comment here. Visit other participants throughout the week and feel free to add to the pile - serial photography is always encouraged. For more background on what Thematic is and how it works, head here. And enjoy...because fun may not be my middle name, but I wish it could be.


21 Wits said...

Now that is one special ride! I really like this theme Carmi. Here's mine

Anonymous said...

here's mine

fredamans said...

Nice Red Flyer Tricycle!! Hope the lil one who rides it is not far.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Would you believe...

Wienermobile On The Move

Gilly said...

Just cars, really, but a lot of them!

Bob Scotney said...

More from my daily walk.