Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thematic Photographic 366 - Cold

London, ON
February 2016
After an extended period where it looked like we weren't going to have a winter at all, Mother Nature decided to change gears. London got blasted with three days of Lake effect snow followed by super-cold temperatures, and now eastern Ontario and Quebec are being blanketed by what promises to be the region's largest storm of the year.

Cue the oh-so-Canadian complaining about the weather. And cue the inevitable wintry pictures. My $0.02: Bring it. Winter may be cold and miserable, and we own it. May as well embrace it and find the joy.

So to honor the season, I'd like us to share photos that evoke the cold. How you interpret the cold theme is, as always, entirely up to you. I just want you to enjoy the ride.

Your turn: Take a cold-themed pic. Share it to your blog or website. Leave a comment here letting folks know where to find it. Visit other participants and feel free to share additional pics throughout the week. For more info on how Thematic works, head here. And please accept my thanks - because photography is way more fun when the experience is shared.


fredamans said...

Very cold, indeed! BRR!!


Bob Scotney said...

Can anyone explain what we saw on a cold day?

Gilly said...

Here is my chilly offering - though not as cold as you, Carmi!


photodoug said...

Carmi, viewed this photographer on the shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Common Household Mom said...

I'm way south, in Pennsylvania, but we got some cold going too. Here's today's post:


And here are a few from last year that have photos:
Icicles We Have Known and Loved

A Lord's Prayer for a Snowy Day

Here's hoping it warms up soon.

Karen S. said...

That does look COLD! Here's my cold

Pat Tillett said...

I'd love to share something cold, but there isn't anything cold in these parts.
It's warm, or hot for about a year.

Tony McGurk said...

It's Summer here so I went with a different kind of Cold

Anonymous said...

My take is different too https://evasmoodboard.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/8636/