Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Someone didn't read the sign

Grand Bend, ON
September 2016
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The public beach at Grand Bend is a impressively planned and cared for piece of real estate. A few years back, the regional government partnered with local community groups on a construction project that turned an otherwise ordinary stretch of sand into a showpiece. The boardwalk meanders alongside pristine beach, broken up by fenced off areas where native grasses are allowed to grow - just the thing to remind visitors that the environment matters far more than their ability to get their boogie board from the car to the water in the fewest number of steps.

And yet, as I stood on the rooftop observation deck and peered down, it became pretty apparent pretty quickly that not everyone got the memo, and we're as surrounded by boorish behavior here as we are anywhere else. Some people never learn. I hope the boogie boarding made their littering ways worth it.

Your turn: What kind of people do this? What can we do to change litterers' ways? And why do I sound like the old guy yelling at the kids on his lawn?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I hear ya, C... I think its because WE have lived.... We have experienced, seen and felt .... Could it be we're tired of seeing and hearing things that can be so easy to correct but haven't been?

Tabor said...

Some of it is laziness and some is accidental as it blows off of a boat garbage can or from a car. I clean up garbage on trails when I walk and if we all took a plastic bag and did this, it might help.