Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Babies turn 18 faster than we think

1st drive, Dad's car
London, ON
July 2018
In my mind’s eye, he was just born. But time has a funny way of moving faster than it seems, which largely explains why here we are, 18 years later, wondering how this beautifully perfect little man has morphed into a funny, accomplished, whip-smart and endlessly kind young man.

Noah has always been the kind of kid any parent would wish to have, the kind of person other people like to hang around with, the kind of person who fills the room, changes its temperature and makes you glad you showed up. He’s a great wingman on road trips, a fantastic arbiter of movies and music, and an endlessly loved little brother.

His future is beyond bright, and we couldn’t be more proud not only of who he is, but how he’s become who he is. To say we love this kid barely scratches the surface re. what it feels like to be his parents.

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