Saturday, October 01, 2005

Visiting the dead fish

Groceries are never a boring affair in our house. Our two youngest accompanied me this afternoon on a walk to the nearby A&P to pick up a few things. We left the car at home because it was a lovely day, and I figured a bit of fresh air would do us all some good. So we set off in the stroller - little man in it, and young lady perched on the big bar on the back (bless Perego!)

When we got to the store, I pulled out the list and started to orient myself to the task at hand (hey, this is serious wife has really high shopping standards, and woe is me if I fall short, but I digress.) As we rounded the back of the first aisle, they both caught a distant glimpse of the magical aquariums. Suddenly, nothing else mattered:
She: "Ooh, I see the lobster tank!"
He: "Yah, and let's go visit the dead fish, too!"
She: "I love seeing the dead fish?"
He: How do you know they're really dead?"
So we detoured away from our regular rounds and observed our now-departed swimming friends. I (of course) had a camera handy, so I took some surreptitious pictures. The kids were fascinated at the sight, and suggested which fish from the bunch might look best in pictures. They also kept watch in case a rogue employee rounded the corner and threatened to bust me. We managed to escape unharmed this time.

I hope you had already eaten your dinner when you first loaded this entry. My apologies if you didn't.

Your turn - a weekend 2-parter:
  1. The first three words that come to mind as you see our two friends on ice are...
  2. On your next visit to a grocery store, I hope you'll consider bringing your camera. Take a picture of anything that tickles your photo-culinary fancy. If you remember, drop a comment here to let us know where to find it. If you already have such an animal (ha!) on file, you've just saved yourself a trip down grocery lane. Happy food shooting!


kittycat said...

You guys sound like a neat family. I hope someday I have something similiar. And your pictures rock the house! Keep up the awesome blog!

Last Girl On Earth said...

The first three words that come to mind seeing your pix... for me in my jetlagged state of mind...

1. Jetlag
2. Sleep
3. Airconditioning

OK, I know those aren't what you were getting at, but I AM lagging BAD! (IT was a twelve hour flight yesterday!)

Those are the best dead fish pix I've seen in a long time! Michele sent me, but you know I visit on my own. Have a great weekend.


kenju said...

Carmi, funny you should suggest grocery store photos. There is a blogger whom I read everyday, who does produce blogging every Thurs. I'll bet you'd like his photos:

Tell him kenju sent you.

Your Mother said...


PS - thanks for stopping by today

Chatty said...

1. What the hell is that??
2. Ewww it's a dead fish
3. Why did he take that?

LOL I can imagine the foo foos at my grocery store if I took out my big ass camera! But for you Carmi, I will do it and let you know when the pics are up! :)

Chatty said...

oops, Ms. Michele sent me too!

dena said...

I take a camera everywhere. I have a great pic of Ethan holding a pack of pigs feet.

visiting from michele's....

1. ice
2. cold
3. frozen

Misti said...

ewww, gross!!

and I am going to take you up on this challenge. I have to go tomorrow!!
I don't think i've ever been this excited for a grocery store trip ;-)

Spock said...

HAHAHA. Be careful about putting dead things on your blog. People don't seem to get a big kick out of it!! Thanks for coming to see me. Glad you love my blog!! I like yours a lot too. Where are YOUR turkey pictures? Oh, it's safe to come back, I put up a new post so a dead mouse isn't the first thing you see.

Huw said...


1) Big Mouth Gape Action.
2) Pink.
3) Crushed ice.

Good for you getting the surreptitious photography in. Sometimes I worry that people will react weird to it (even if they aren't in my frame), but sometimes you just have to be brazen

Minerva said...


I love your blog Carmi, always a pleasure for the senses...


Canadian Mark said...

1. When
2. Is
3. Supper

MmmmMM red snapper. Very tasty fish.

I actually have whipped out my camera at the grocery store not so long ago, to get some macro shots of a ladybug in the produce department.

Article with picture and be found here, if you're curious.

Minerva said...

And Michele sent me..


Dawn said...

You are crazy! :)

BTW I already ate and no the food is not looking for a way back out.

Here via Michele

Claire said...

First words that came to mind were:

Yum, yes please!

They do look so appetising!

Twisted Cinderella said...

What a fun trip to the store! That is the kind of thing the Little Princess loves to do.

FIL, fisherman, supper are my three words.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Ugh dead fish

Spock said...

I saw where you got skipped earlier & didn't want you to feel bad from Michele's!! BTW, my 3 words
1) EAT
3) YUM!!

MaR said...

1) They 2)are 3)dead! that is why I didn't really looked!

MaR said...

I mean I didn't "look" (*blushes*)

Rachel - Wicked Ink said...

Hey Carmi,

I was flipping though MacLeans (I am a few weeks behind in my business reading) and was ThRiLlEd to see your name! I know you write on here all the time that you are quoted here and there, and I have clicked over to see it online - but there something magical about printed paper.

Congrats on this and every time you are considered the authority. Well done!

oh, and great fish pics too!

ribbiticus said...

aye, aye, captain. will do the assignment on the next grocery trip. just hope they don't haul me off to the loony bin when i ask the frozen food tenants to say cheese! :)

HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

cold. clammy. scales.

Very interesting Sunday picture.

hearts81 said...

Never thought of taking a camera to the supermarket with me, but it has some possibilities seeing that I'm not one actually doing the shopping. DH does it while I go through the latest magazines. He buys the healthy stuff, while I tend to get... lets just say more creative.

sb :)

aprilbapryll said...


Michele sent me!

phoenix said...

1. ewwwww
2. Hope I don't have to clean them!
3. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

Hey Carmi! Hi from Michele!!

MorahMommy said...

Here via Michele, but then I would have come here anyway!!

I still don't understand the kid's facination with dead fish...especially when I'm rushing around to get out of there!

Is it just morbid curiousity?

I'm starting to think like you. I know scary, huh?! (After 21 years it was bound to happen!!) But wherever I am, I see things in a different light and often wish I had the camera with me!

1. dinner
2. time
3. again!?

Huw said...

OK, Michelle's sent me here already. But play along I must.

As to the second part of your weekend task, may I direct you to scroll down my blog, where you will find a snap of a huge bag of Pork Rinds I purchased last week....

srp said...

Three words did not come to mind, but a song by Dr. Demento did:

Fish heads, Fish heads,
Rolly polly Fish heads,
Fish heads, Fish heads,
Eat them up, YUM!

I know, gross; but truly a song you get in your head and cannot get out...thank you very much.

Pirate Princess said...

Hi Carmi - thanks for visiting yesterday. :0)

Well, I actually have a phobia of fish - so the three things that came to mind were:

2. I bet that smell reeks!
3. Spooky.

la la la I can't hear you said...

Hi Carmi, Michele sent me here today. And upon seeing those fish pictures load, I thought: Yuck, Carmi, what happened to the airport pictures?"

MorahMommy said...

Hi Carmi, back again, via you know who! :)

I have to admit that the fish pictures are nice, but not really my favourite. YOur pics of the munchkins are the best!

Carmen said...

Uck. I hate fish.

Michele sent me, again.;)

Tabor said...

I am waaay down at 34 but had to add fish is good for you, easy to cook. Just don't buy the one's with sunken eyes.

Sissy Willis said...

Where's the carcass?"