Here at Written Inc., Thematic Photographic is our weekly photo sharing thing. It's a non-competitive, highly supportive way of getting out with your camera and having a little collaborative fun.

The activity doesn't have rules, per se. I shudder at the term "rules" because it makes this sound so, I don't know, bureaucratic. Thematic Photographic is supposed to be fun. And it's designed to give us all an excuse to push our photographic boundaries a bit and then share the results with lots of like-minded folks. Here's how it works:

  • Every Monday evening, at precisely 7 o'clock Eastern, I post a new Thematic Photographic entry.
  • Each entry has a unique theme.
  • You post a similarly themed image over on your blog.
  • You paste a link to your entry in a comment on my blog.
  • If you've already posted something that fits (on a blog, Facebook, MySpace, wherever) simply post the link to the existing entry. Old or new, all photos are welcome.
  • You may post as many photos or links as you wish. For a full week after I launch a new theme, I support it with a related picture/posting each day. I encourage you to do the same. This is all about sharing, so feel free to share to your heart's content.
  • Please share this link with friends, too, and encourage them to join in. The more the merrier.
  • You may find all Thematic Photographic entries by clicking here. The rules (this page) may be found here. They are also found here.
  • And please accept my thanks for your enthusiasm. Your participation has made TP a true highlight for me each and every week.