Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Talk to me, Goose

Formation flying
Delray Beach, FL, December 2010
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I'm an unabashed fan of the old movie, Top Gun. It's moviemaking at its bombastic-Hollywood worst, with more cliches and hackneyed passages per minute of screen time than virtually anything else you'll ever watch. To add to the fun, it's chock full of discontinuities and silly mistakes that make every viewing an adventure.

Yet somehow it all works, as it's a hellishly fun romp that doesn't seem to lose its appeal with the passage of time. It's managed to become a cultural touchstone of its era, a movie we all subconsciously quote from, and one that will easily hook us in when it appears on some obscure movie channel late on a Friday night.

It's also nice to see Tom Cruise before his sofa-jumping days. He was actually a decent actor once.

So when this fleeting avian scene appeared in my viewfinder, I instantly thought of this movie, and the central relationship between rebellious Maverick and his reluctant-enabling friend and backseater, Goose. Somehow, when you're in the sky, you've always got to trust the guy behind you to watch your six.

Your turn: Who do you trust? Why?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I trust my kids... because they will tell me the truth, they are honest w/their feelings...Last year I ended a relationship w/someone that I gave my trust to.. Knew him for 5 years.. Thru the 5, there were some downs and yet I gave him two chances.. and yes now I see my mistake. I should of gone w/my gut... ALWAYS TRUST your gut instinct... When I love someone I am a giver... I put 100% into a relationship cuz, I expect 100% back... After that experience, I am more guarded.. Being married for 25 yrs. I was really naive as to how people can be... My hubby was one man who I trusted ultimately...We were both on the same page...After that experience, I am hurt because I can't be like I use to be.. In the past I had no reason to not trust.. I guess this person was a wakeup call for me to be more in tune about people.. That person took a bit of my heart.what a life lesson, Carmi!.

srp said...

I think Top Gun could have been a favorite movie except it was my ex-husband's favorite and I first saw it in a theatre with him. It was not a pleasant experience as he was a bit intoxicated and threw skittles at people in the (fortunately) almost empty showing. He also went out and bought one of the motorcycles that Tom Cruise rode. I think he had in his mind that he was a lot like Tom Cruise... a shame.... he had so much more going for him than Cruise. What a waste.

fredamans said...

This is a really fantastic shot! Can't believe I'm liking gulls, but I am. Your photography makes me like what I normally wouldn't.

mmp said...

who do i trust?
.....really trust?

i guess i trust those who've seen me at my worst, at the bottom of my personal dustbin, seen me Not together, Not composed, Not coping

and they still want to spend time with me

i trust those people