Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Looking back at a harrowing drive home

Some road trips are best forgotten. Yet for some odd reason I keep taking pictures of them. Maybe blizzards bring me comfort. Perhaps there's something soul-soothing about picking your way home on a night like tonight, knowing the warmth that awaits your arrival.

Like I said, odd. But I'll take it with snow or without.


21 Wits said...

Oh goodness, I know these kind of knuckles clutched to the steering wheel, and yet still finding a safe place to pull over and capture it. Hopefully our horrible and scary roads like this our behind us now until the next week, way, way later from now!

SeaThreePeeO said...

Goodness, I don't think I would like to be caught in that. Safe journey.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Such a pretty sight, when the snow is at its brightest and cleanest, almost glowing against the dark sky. The colors all seem brighter and purer.
Now if only the drive was safer!