Sunday, October 18, 2015

Getting ready for Election Day in Canada

Tomorrow's shaping up to be a big day here in the Great White North - whether you're a Blue Jays fan or not - as eligible voters head to the polls to cap off one of the most contentious federal election campaigns in Canadian history.

I already voted at an advance poll last week because, in addition to wanting to beat the rush, I wanted to clear my schedule. I've got a lot on the go tomorrow, and I'm pleased as punch to share what's in store.

First, I'll be up bright and early Monday to lead off Canada AM's coverage of the big day. I'll be speaking live on-air at 6 a.m. 7:30 a.m. Eastern to help explain what we can and can't do with smartphones while we're in the polling station, and why election-day rules are having difficulty keeping pace with mobile technology. Social media is rewriting how campaigns play out, and we'll take a closer look at how we need to govern ourselves when we cast a ballot.

Later on, I'll be heading over to the CTV London newsroom where I'll be joining anchor Tara Overholt and the news team in our evening coverage. I'll have segments during the 6pm and 11pm newscasts, and we'll be cutting in throughout the evening to see what's going on in London-and-region ridings as polls approach closing and the votes are counted. I'll be tracking the social media activity from all of our target ridings, and will be pulling notable postings from the stream and walking viewers through them.

Tuesday morning, I'll be live on-air with Mike Stubbs on NewsTalk 1290 CJBK here in London to review the evening's festivities and examine the role that tech played.

It promises to be an eventful day for everyone, and I feel privileged to have a front-row seat to what promises to be an historic day for our country. Once you've cast your ballot - if you're Canadian, you are going to vote, right? - I hope you'll have a chance to tune in or connect online. Should be fun!

Your turn: If you're in the region, what online election resources - URLs, hashtags, accounts, etc. - are you keeping an eye on?

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