Monday, October 24, 2016

Thematic Photographic 386 - Autumn

Colorful screen grab
Laval, QC
October 2016
Aside from confirming that my camera  needs a good detailing job (don't worry, the business-end glass is pristine...I believe cameras should proudly wear the scars of everyday use) this photo betrays the realities of shooting when you have no time to do so.

We were in Montreal this weekend for the kind of trip no one ever wants to take. Social gatherings weren't on the agenda, but simply being together with the people who matter most very much was. And in between being here and there, I remembered I had stuffed my camera into my backpack in the hurried moments back home when we were getting ready to load the car for the overnight drive.

The steel-grey sky was fast fading in the late afternoon as a cold drizzle turned the streets slick. I really couldn't spare the time to go for a walkabout, but in the midst of unspeakable sadness, I felt the need to disconnect and do nothing more than look for beauty in a place that didn't seem to want to offer any up.

I was outside for no more than 10 minutes, and shot fast in a futile attempt to keep the lens dry - and myself from getting sick again. I fast-composed in my head, then fast-shot and held my breath that anything would come out in these ridiculously lousy conditions.

I haven't yet had a chance to offload the results and process them on my laptop, but I thought an initial peek at my screen would provide us all a little inspiration for some autumn-themed shooting this week. Who's in?

Your turn:  Take a picture that reflects this week's theme, Autumn. If it's colorful, or not, or leafy/nature-ish, or not - or whatever, because Thematic is about how YOU interpret a theme - shoot it and share it on your blog, website or social media page. Leave a comment here letting folks know where to find it. Visit other participants and feel free to repeat the process through the week. Bring a friend along, too, if you're so inclined. And if you're new to the Thematic thing, just click here. You'll have fun. Really.


Common Household Mom said...

Autumn is my favorite season, so I have plenty of blog posts about it! I hope you enjoy these two recent posts:

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fredamans said...

It's my favorite time of year for the change in color, wearing sweaters and wool socks, and all things Halloween!

Bob Scotney said...

Colours, some fun and ghostly sheep

Gilly said...

My favourite time too! My autumnal shots are at

Michèle et Jean-Claude said...

It has been a long time

photodoug said...

Carmi, here is a photo of the leaves taken during our recent leaf-peeping trip.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hi Carmi, I have

Fall Critters

Anonymous said...

My favorite season too, I'm a scarf junky. Here's mine