Saturday, December 31, 2016

The stuff we ignore along the way

Follow the pipes to oblivion
Toronto, ON
July 2016
Photography is often the domain of the big and the obvious. Big structures. Big events. Big stuff. Along the way, we seemingly forget to look at the smaller, less obvious things. The stuff that's otherwise forgotten or overlooked.

Like these conduits. Or pipes. I can't even tell what they are, but I was fascinated enough by the sight of them as my family and I walked through a long-ish subway corridor that I felt the need to quickly capture them.

So as I have done so often, I lagged behind and shot fast before tucking my smartphone back into my pocket and hustling to catch up.

I doubt most commuters ever bother to look up as they pass underneath. But that doesn't make these any less worthy of being explored with a lens. With that in mind, I'm pretty sure I'll never run out of potential subject matter.

Your turn: What will YOU look at more closely in 2017?

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