Thursday, February 23, 2017

On putting away the damn smartphone

"Wherever you are - be all there."
Jim Elliot
The man responsible for these words may have died in 1956, but the sentiment resonates especially strongly in this mobile age, where we're often so buried in our devices that we fail to appreciate the in-real-life world around us.

I was talking about this on-air yesterday, and the subject of my own walking-and-texting addiction came up. See, I often wander the halls of the office with my head buried in my smartphone. It's how I catch up on reading as I head from here to there.

That's all well and good - productivity is a positive, after all - but it also makes me a slow-moving obstacle to my colleagues who may be zipping in and out of offices and studios and don't much appreciate having to deke left and right to avoid me.

Which is my way of saying my name is Carmi and I have a smartphone addiction. Maybe this "all there" think is a decent place to start as I figure out how to wean myself off.

Your turn: Are you smartphone-addicted? How would you suggest I break this addiction?


Michael K. Althouse said...

It's not just the smart phone. That little (and getting bigger) device is but the most convenient way of being "connected." But it's not the only way. When I put it down, either my iMac or my MacBook Pro are at the ready. If those two are too cumbersome - and my small(ish) iPhone 7 is too small, there is always my iPad charged up and ready to go. It is more the the WiFi or LTE icons I am addicted to than it is a specific device. Or, in recovery terms, my addiction is to being "turned on," but how I get there, my "drug of choice," varies and changes. And if those drugs of choice are for some reason unavailable, like a good junkie I'll stoop to a PC or Android device.

Tabor said...

I rarely use my phone except when I am going somewhere in the car. I am retired. My addiction's are still to FB and Blogger, as being retired that is the way I keep in touch. I try to keep everything in balance. Much healthier.

Pat Tillett said...

How about trading in your smart phone, for a flip-phone...
Never mind, that would be cruel. I know I couldn't do it.
I don't receive texts, nor do I send them. I rarely go on FB, never on Instagram, and no Twitter

Shammickite said...

I have a flip-phone. It's ancient. I have to text by hitting each button numerous times until I get to the right letter. People laugh at me. And I can't do internetty things with it. But that suits me just fine. I use Blogger and email on my lap top. No FB (well not much), no Twitty stuff, I just don't have enough time to waste on all that malarkey. Can you tell I'm OLD?????