Monday, June 24, 2019

Another sunset, albeit someone's missing

Heavenly performance
Laval, QC
June 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I’ve been shooting sunsets from my late father-in-law's 12th-floor condo all week.

It still feels surreal to be using “late” to describe him, still feels surreal to be staying in his home without him, still feels surreal to not have him around to review the results of each shoot when I rejoin the rest of the fam.

Oddly enough, it almost seems as if the sky has been putting on a bit of a show for us this week, with random cloud formations floating into view each evening just before the lights go out for good.

While sunset-shooting newbies might fret at the prospect of the sun being blocked, anyone who’s stared at the horizon enough times knows a messy sky can make for some unpredictably spectacular results. The reflections, colors, and patterns can be, in a word, awesome. Assuming we take the time to be there to observe them.

And so it was this evening. In a house overflowing with visitors, I slipped quietly away just before sunset. Because I had no idea what was going on in the skies to the west, but I suspected it would be worthwhile, and I knew this was one family tradition among so many that I just wasn’t ready to let slip away.

Thankfully the skies this time were indeed cooperative, and the multicolored scene that played out on the other side of my lens – I call it “Solar Power” – made me glad my in-laws were so supportive of my photography almost from the moment Debbie first started bringing me home for dinner all those years ago. Little did any of us know where the journey would take us, and what we would all see along the way.

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