Sunday, May 16, 2010

The pie postscript

Dessert is served
London, ON, June 2009

[In support of Thematic Phorographic's edible theme]

Since every good meal should start with dessert, I present this rather weird view of a particularly lovely slice of lemon meringue pie. The plate that it's on is rather significant, as this is the set that we bought after I destroyed a chunk of our last set in a rather unfortunate pie photography accident.

I've got your curiosity now, don't I? Click here for the whole sordid story. We'll wait.

[Old Rod Stewart-to-muzak standards play in the background. The dog falls asleep. The rest of us lose a few brain cells.]

Welcome back. Now that my lemon meringue fetish has been placed in its proper context, let's continue.

Although it's been about three-and-a-half years since that fateful evening, it continues to cast a rather funny shadow on me. I can't eat lemon meringue pie without someone - usually my wife, but sometimes one of the kids, too - reminding me of my, um, experience. If I pick up a plate to get a different view of something, fingers come out, wagging in my general direction, reminding me of how things ended up last time.

They know me all too well, and I can't say I blame them for their sense of caution. Pie or no pie, I know I'm not the easiest person to have around the house.

So as I considered my options for this particular shot, I thought it might be best for us all if I chose a composition that minimized the gravitational risk to the plate, to the dog (Schnauzer trait: stand under the table, look pathetic, wait for stuff to fall, lick, repeat) and to my permanently-plate-hostile reputation. This time, I played it safe.

The dog was disappointed. My wife was not.

Your turn: Why desserts are memorable. Please discuss.


Anonymous said...

Well, in our house my husband, Odd is the one who usually break things and me cleaning after. That's why I usually serve the food or dessert myself especially with sauces in order to avert a future disaster hehehehhe. But in all honestly I find it quite adorable.

Btw, Tanya sent me.

Mark said...

That's a tough question. Because they're sweet and -- sometimes -- creamy. Thick and rich and chewy and sweet. They're everything the rest of the meal is not.

Also, they cannot be mistaken for sustenance.

Mojo said...

I loved both photos -- and both stories. I think we probably all have a similar tale to tell. But not all of us can inject quite such good humor into them.

sister AE said...

1) This post made me giggle so much I had to explain to my wife.

2) I love pie, though I can take or leave the meringues.

3) I ate pie twice a day for the better part of our two-week vacation in Nova Scotia and PEI years ago. Still makes me smile.

Pamela said...

that happened before I was a reader -- I saw you often in Wordless Wednesday and finally followed you home.

sounds odd, doesn't it. ha ha!

my dad always said there were only two kinds of pie he liked: hot and cold.

go figure.