Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Every once in a while I like to catch up on some of the notable media work I've done. Had a couple of interesting ones earlier this month. Spoke with the CBC's Kevin O'Leary and Dianne Buckner on The Lang and O'Leary Exchange. The topic is a neat one: smartphones that double as electronic wallets, and their potential to take over from plastic credit and debit cards when we all go shopping. It's coming faster than we think, and it turned into a great discussion. Video here (my segment starts at about 39 minutes in. A more direct link is here.)

Other neat interviews thanks to my old friends RIM and Facebook:

CTV National News. Scott Laurie's report on the Facebook IPO. (May 17)
Same report embedded in part 1 of the newscast: video here.

CTV Toronto. I spoke with Ashley Rowe about the potential for SmartData to protect us from hackers and scammers. It's a great example of Canadian scientific research and leadership. The piece aired May 15th, but I haven't found the video yet. Will post it when I do.

CTV National News. John Vennavally-Rao's package on investors suing Facebook over its IPO (sense a theme here?) They included a clip of me in the intro to the newscast (video here). The package itself is here. (May 23)

CTV Kitchener. Max Wark's report on RIM's impending layoff announcement. Video here. CTV London also ran a similar report. (May 27)

CBC's The National. Havard Gould's report on RIM's latest troubles (layoffs, bank hire, operating loss, CEO's mother bought an iPhone...) Okay, I'm kidding about the CEO's mom, but the video is real, and it's here. Oh, and Havard's upcoming surgery is real, too. Get better soon, Mr. Gould: journalism needs you.

CTV Toronto. Colin D'Mello. Report video here.

CTV Canada AM. Chatted with Marci Ien about RIM's prospects. Video here. (May 30)

There's writing and other stuff, too, with articles in Yahoo! Canada and the Toronto Star. I'll post those tomorrow, because I figure there's enough video here to put most of you to sleep. Sorry about that: I guess it's been a busy time around here.

Oops, I lied: One more thing. I shared a bummer of a tweet yesterday. Now I'd like to swing the pendulum and share one of the nicest ones I've ever been privileged to receive:

Lucky me. I work with some of the kindest people anywhere.

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