Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Counting the BlackBerrys

Anyone who's followed my career knows I've spent a lot of time writing and talking about BlackBerry. The Canadian smartphone maker, formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), had a bad day on Monday as a deal to buy the company out fell apart and its CEO, Thorsten Heins, headed for the exits. It's actually had a lot of bad days lately, and it's kept me spinning out the stories and insight on a fairly consistent basis.

For the record, I don't just cover this one company, but you'd be forgiven if you thought I was the BlackBerry guy. I can easily understand why.

Thought I'd run down some of my notable media activity over the past couple of days, as in between writing to deadline - the stuff that pays the bills around here* - it's been a pretty hectic time. And a fun one.
  • CBC Radio Kitchener-Waterloo - Spoke with host Craig Norris about the day ahead, and the news broke as we were wrapping the interview up. Coolest media moment I've had in a while.
  • CTV News Channel - Spoke with anchor Todd van der Heyden.
  • CTV National News - included in a report by John Vennavally-Rao. (Video here.)
  • CTV London - quoted on reporter Talia Ricci's report. Video here.
  • CBC Ontario Morning - Spoke live with host Wei Chen.
  • CBC Television - spoke with Havard Gould for a report he filed with stations across the country.
  • Global National - spoke with Kieron O'Dea
  • News Talk 770 Calgary - Spoke with Angela Kokott for our weekly Tech Tuesday segment
  • News 91.9 Moncton - Spoke with Tyler McLean of McLean in the Morning
  • CJOB Winnipeg - Chatted with Charles Adler. Audio here.
  • 570News Kitchener/Waterloo - Spoke with host Gary Doyle.
  • Business News Network (BNN) - Joined a live panel with Rob McWhirter and hosts Pamela Ritchie and Paul Bagnell. Video here.
  • CHED Edmonton - did an in-depth interview with Andrew Grose and Dan Tencer of the Tencer and Grose show. Showpage here.
  • The Waterloo Region Record - was quoted in Terry Pender's piece, here.
  • Canadian Press - spoke to reporter Romina Maurino a piece she wrote with David Friend. As CP is a wire service, it ended up in some interesting places, like CTV, the Huffington Post and the Ottawa Citizen, and the Globe and Mail's Michael Babad pulled a quote here, as well.
* Here are the pieces I wrote for Yahoo! Canada Finance:
More fun coming up, as Twitter goes public tomorrow and my inbox is already filling up. First up, an early interview (6:00 a.m. ET) with CTV's Canada AM. Gotta love this life thing.

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Unknown said...

Carmi: You have an amazing career going. I wish I knew a fourth about the technology you navigate so well! I'm only vaguely aware of Blackberry's decline.