Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't eat those M&Ms just yet!

Waiting for the inevitable
London, ON
February 2014
Thematic's theme, return to the scene of the crime, is here.
I don't eat this stuff too often - I think it would kill me - but when I do, I have a funny little habit.

I don't eat them first. I can't just rip the bag open and dig in. I have to put them in a bowl, or arrange them just so on the table. I have to wait for the light to be just right - hello, early morning sunshine - and I can't be rushed.

Which means the bag often sits quietly off to the side until the conditions are just right. I get asked when I'm going to open it. And I can't answer the question. I'll know when the stars align. And then we'll take a few pictures to remember the moment.

In the end, it means the family photo album is peppered with semi-regular sets of M&Ms - all types, but usually peanut - as well as Reese's Pieces, or even Smarties. Do I eat the red ones last? I'll never say. But I'll do my best to remember what it all looked like before I made them disappear for good.

Your turn: Shooting the same things over and over, over a period of years. Why?


Blond Girl said...

I thought I was the only one. LOL. I make pyramids with lines of each color, and then slowly eat down the line, removing that top one last, and thus removing one color from the pyramid. Or I make daisies. Great big ones... and eat them petal by petal. I love them, I love them not...

Been awhile since I've said Hi, Carmi, but I've been checking in. Have a lovely day!

21 Wits said...

Uncontrollable laughter.... You are the first person I know that is one and one (like in a relationship Hehehe) with their M & M's! It's too sweet! :)