Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is your Apple product safe?

This morning, I chatted live with Marci Ien on CTV's Canada AM about the security vulnerability that could make it easy for hackers to pick off secure traffic from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) or Mac computer (OS X operating system).

The video from the interview is here.

During the interview, we talked about how important it is to ensure your computer has been properly updated, and why you need to install all available updates if it hasn't been. Here's a quick rundown:

On your iOS device:

Head to your home screen (double-click the home button if you're not sure) and tap the following, in order
  • Settings app
  • General (it's on the left)
  • Software Update (on the right)
It may take a few seconds to check itself. Once it's done, if your software has been updated, it'll say "iOS 7.0.6 - Your software is up to date" If this is the case, you're protected, and can head back to bed.

If it says an update is available to download and install, select Update and go make some tea. It'll take about 5 minutes do download and install before it reboots your device.

Update from the future (otherwise known as March 10th): Apple has released iOS 7.1. So the whole update process works exactly the same, except now the number has changed. Capish?

On your Mac:

Head to your desktop, then:
  • Click the Apple menu at the absolute top, left-hand corner of your screen
  • Select Software Update
This opens up the App Store, checks your computer for ALL available updates to the operating system and installed software, then allows you to click Update for each one, or all.

If your operating system is at 10.9.2, you're all up-to-date.

If it's an earlier version (10.9, 10.9.1, 10.8 - Mountain Lion, or 10.7 - Lion), you'll be given the option to update. It'll take between 10 and 15 minutes to download, install and reboot your device.

As an FYI, clicking on the Apple Menu, then About This Mac, then the Software Update button gets you to the same place.

What if your machine or device is a bit older?

Anything with Mac OS X 10.6 or older (Snow Leopard) will NOT be patched. If possible, upgrade the operating system to 10.7 or newer. If that isn’t possible, now may be the time to consider replacing the hardware

The same thing applies to iOS: iOS 5 or earlier will not be patched. Either update to iOS 6 (not all older devices are able to be updated. iOS 7 only runs on the Phone 4 and later models, 5th-generation iPod touches, and iPad 2 and later) or consider replacing the hardware, as it will be increasingly vulnerable to this kind of attack in future.


21 Wits said...

Very cool thanks! Did and downloading now!

kenju said...

Thanks, Carmi. I checked mine and it is up to date.