Tuesday, December 19, 2017

8 crazy nights

Burn, baby, burn
London, ON
December 2017
Photo originally posted to Instagram
There's always one candle with an apparent rush to end it all.

Seriously, though, every year, this moment, when the last candles are lit, and slowly fade to darkness, I feel more than a little vaklempt. Somehow, we need to do more, not just as Jews, but as citizens of this crazy, damaged, gorgeous, unpredictable and miraculous planet, to find the light and keep it lit.

It doesn't matter which imaginary being you worship: This should touch all of us. Who's in?


Tabor said...

Taking an online course on English linguistics...have gotten to a few of the contributions of words from the Jewish immigrants...but vaklempt must be Canadian Jewish...;-)

carmilevy said...

Ha! I think you'd probably know more about this than I would, but vaklempt was popularized by Mike Myers when he was a cast player on Saturday Night Live. One of his characters was Linda Richman, who hosted a fake cable show called "Coffee Talk". Inevitably, she'd say she was vaklempt and the audience would lose it. Great fun!