Sunday, January 21, 2018

Po meets the Mayor

Hanging around
London, ON
January 2018
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Po the Teletubby has been hanging from my camera bag ever since we first got her in our now-grown son's McDonald's Happy Meal. Like all such toys, Po was soon set aside, setting the stage for her second life as a real-world travel gnome.

Wherever I go, I try to shoot her in context. Pulling her out for some creative photography in the middle of the airport, at the beach, or like here, at the Mayor's State of the City address earlier this week, never fails to attract the attention of strangers, to spark spontaneous and spirited conversations, to make people smile.

And so it was in the middle of 1,300 movers and shakers from the city's economic, political, media, social and other communities that I decided to take Po out and have a little fun with her while the big cheese spoke (that's him in the background.)

I tweeted this at the time, but wanted to share it here as a reminder of the power of everyday photography to reach people, to make them think about what really matters - connecting, by the way - and plant seeds in them that hopefully grow in inspiring new directions.

She may very well be a simple, tattered Happy Meal toy, but she remains incredibly powerful all these years later. Who's your Po?

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