Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Snack food powers the world

Got nuts?
Orlando, FL
February 2019
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I’m nowhere near home this week. Sunday afternoon, my lovely wife dropped me off at the airport, and before long I was winging my way south, where I find myself MCing a conference for my company.

We’re in Orlando, Florida, and depending on which window I use in my hotel, I can see the roller coasters, ferris wheels and other rides at Disney World and elsewhere. Thankfully I’m not a huge fan of Mickey, so I don’t feel like I’m missing much. This is a work trip, and I’m focused on making this conference, #InfoTechLive, an incredible success for my colleagues and, most critically, our members. Being able to spend time in an intense learning environment with our members for the better part of a week is quite the privilege. You learn what makes them tick, and you deepen your commitment to the mission of helping them raise their game. I’m beyond lucky to be on this path, and events like this are great reminders.

The days start before dawn and continue until long after dark. There isn’t much sleep to be had, but that’s by no means a negative, as we can always catch up on zees when we return home. The time crunch makes moments like this that much more precious, and I try to use my ninja approach to photography - shoot fast, shoot weird, smile while you do it, look for smiles in others around you - to connect with other attendees, and to help them remember their time here with us.

The photo, of the snack bowls served during yesterday's mid-afternoon break, is admittedly oddball, but it tells a story of a bunch of really smart folks from diverse backgrounds gathering around an unexpectedly joyous little treat in the middle of a busy trip. As we filled up, the chatter turned to small wonders in distant places, and the ability of a simple catering choice to make a difference in the lives of others. The guy in the background? Say hi to Larry, one of the smartest people I know.

More from the road soon...

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