Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sign of the times

Peering in
San Francisco, CA, March 2007 [Click to peek more closely]

Some facades wear their age gracefully. Others don't. I'll leave it to you to determine the degree of grace inherent in this one.

Your turn: So, graceful or not? Why or why not?


Anna said...

I think I would need to see a bit more of this facade Carmi...but...

I think buildings that are taken care of and keep with their period features age gracefully.

:) Have a good Thursday!

CG said...

I quite like the subtle cream and white paintwork!

Barry Pike said...

I like seeing layer upon layer of paint like that. Successive generations, like the rings of trees, showing the age. Sometimes it seems like the paint is what is holding up the building. I like that.

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

agree with barry....its almost like paint layers hold some of the bldgs...
and was that a "CLOSED" sign???

Mike A. said...

It's hard to say. The city in which the building is located has some influence on its graceful passing or lack thereof. Knowing this one is in SF gives it better than average odds of gracefully aging. But like Anna said, there is only a glimpse - it's really a personal interpretation.

Michele sent me,


tommie said...

I am applying this to aging gracefully....I just addressed this in a blog entry....On the surface it might look to be not so old....but dig down, and I (oops, the building) has been around awhile!

happy thursday

Pat said...

Very interesting, Carmi.

I love seeing old buildings and seeing the layers of paint too.

I wonder if I'd like the pic if I saw the whole sign but on the other hand there's some mystery to it the way it is.

Nice to be back "blogging" again--at least just a little bit. Been tied up for a couple of weeks driving to Hamilton nearly every day.

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srp said...

It looks like a fresh coat of paint on the building.. the sign needs some work. I was struck by the fact that the paint feels thick, as if there are layer upon layer underneath. This building has been cared for, for a long time. Had to chuckle though as whoever painted it last did not use the painter's tape.... quite a bit of the white paint on the window.