Monday, April 07, 2008

Supermarket carts? Or jail?

Hanging out at the A&P
London, Ontario, April 2008 [Click to embiggen]

I found myself in the parking lot of the neighborhood grocery store yesterday. It had been a few days since I had given the camera some exercise, and my shutter finger was feeling decidedly creaky. I had about 10 minutes before my wife and daughter were finished inside the store, so rather than sit in the car, I decided to challenge myself to find something redeeming in this worn-down stretch of dirty pavement.

I found a few worthwhile scenes which I'll share in the days to come - may as well make it a series, right? I like this one because the fading sunset suggests the subjects' best days may be behind them. Yet, like the store that owns them, they soldier on, squeaky wheels, rusted carriages and all.

Your turn: Why do I always pick the loser cart? You know, the one with the balky wheel that locks up before I make it out of the vegetable aisle or the one that howls louder than the crying baby in frozen foods. Is it me? Am I not using the right cart selection criteria? Please help.

One more thing: See here and here for earlier visions of grocery carts. No, I'm not sure why I keep returning to them with a lens. My innate photographic oddness, perhaps.

Oops, make that two: We're still taking submissions for this week's Caption This extravaganza. Haven't participated in the extravaganza yet? Oh my, you're in for a treat: click here.


Anna said...

You and I always love carts! My new yellow is up! Come check it out!

Have a good one!

kenju said...

It's Carmi's karma! Next time, pray to the gods of shopping carts and maybe you'll find a new one!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Carts are cool. I've pushed my share of "Cart Trains" during my days as a store clerk in my early twenties.

Whenever I pick the "Loser Cart", I usually try to replace it before I get too far from the supply of good carts.

Christine said...

I just love the patterns you catch through your lens! If only I had the eye you do!

Nestor Family said...

This is a cool photo.

I am ashamed to say that I left many a "loser cart" stranded in some random isle to go back to the front of the store to get another. Yes, that's why you see those lone carts here and there!

(No advice for picking a good one... I am doomed to get the most rattling cart every time!)

rosemary said...

I think I pick the cart that matches my inability to move that well ankle balks, I groan softly lifting a bag of rice from the bottom shelf, and then move on to the dog food aisle complaining all the while.

Beverly said...

Those carts with the wiggly or squeaky wheels are bummers, aren't they. There's one or more in every store.

I'm always so please when you find something to comment on at my blog.

barbie2be said...

ok, i know they put those locking wheels on the carts so they don't get stolen, but dang what a pain in the behind they are. i always seem to get one that hasn't been unlocked. :(

Susan said...

I always pick the loser cart, too, and the slowest line.

Love your blog!

Nissa said...

This is a great photo. You somehow manage to turn somewhat boring items into beautifully interesting art.