Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drive through

Open all night
Marysville, MI, December 2009
About this photo: This week's Thematic Photographic theme is, "I'm Hungry." If you've got a picture that fits the theme, please head here to share it with us.
I've been taking a lot of pictures with my BlackBerry lately. Qualitatively, it's probably the worst camera I've ever used. When the subject doesn't move and there's ample light, the results are passably impressive for a smartphone. But as soon as it gets even remotely dark, or the munchkin bats an eyelash, things deteriorate. Quickly.

Still, I've learned to work within its clear limitations. In many cases, I even celebrate its lousiness. Like here. I kinda dig the low-res, gritty feel of this shot. I took it as we headed south on the first day of our vacation drive. Barely an hour after leaving the driveway, we crossed the border when the munchkins needed a pit stop. So we found a sleepy little burg in Michigan and headed for the nearest McDs. While I waited in the car, I played.

This is the kind of pic that simply wouldn't have happened if I had to shlep an actual camera out of its bag. When you're driving long distance, pulling things apart to get the shot is the quickest route to spousal disapproval that I can think of (playing your favorite song seven times in a row, ignoring her directions and failing to place the fuzzy blanket on the front seat like she asked you are other surefire doghouse-drivers.)

So having a camera-equipped phone gives me a whole new opportunity to shoot within a whole new set of optical and technological rules. And as I look over this solitary moment in a deserted, snow-covered parking lot at 6:33 a.m. beside a brightly lit drive-through window, I like how this image makes me feel.

Which is supposed to be the whole point of photography, no?


Cloudia said...

My camera is always in my holster.

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Amanda Moore said...

Cute, we are thinking food your thinking "out of the box" or is that in the box what drive-thru is this???

Anonymous said...

Again, Carmi: Cannon Powershot SD1200 IS Digital Elph. Size of a deck of cards, can live in that little cubby hole to the left of your steering wheel that all cars seem to have today. I even bought a case for it that is a sleeve; no zippers - it just pulls right out for instant photo gratification - and with really good quality, too, for what it is.

But yes, I did like how that picture made me feel.

The Bumbles said...

Yes - that is the point of photography - from my personal level at least. I don't need a fancy crip photo of a drive-thru window - I want the mood. Your crappy blackberry camera captured that just fine thank you very much!

photowannabe said...

Sometimes its mood, sometimes it perfection. Sometimes its just shooting because its fun. Love the gritty quality of this one.
Thanks so much Carmi for your glowing comments on my blog. I really appreciate it.
I haven't been by for a while either. I do stay tuned with your activities on FB.though.

Mojo said...

This is why I travel alone most of the time. With the camera on the seat beside me. I kid. Really, I can't think of a better way to portray the image of a drive thru at Mickey's. The photo quality is exactly right.

I'm still catching up from last week, so pardon my tardiness...

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