Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did you brush?

Waiting for her to finish
London, ON, September 2010
About this photo: Thematic Photographic celebrates family this week, and the furry being waiting for Dahlia to finish getting ready for bed is an integral part of our little family. If you've got a family-themed photo you'd like to share, please head over here.
Frasier is a remarkably social dog. He doesn't like being alone - we figure it's a response to his spending the first few months of his life locked in a cage and ignored for much of the day - so he follows us around the house and plunks himself close to us, often uncomfortably so, when we finally sit down.

It's actually the sweetest thing when he scrunches his little body into yours just to let you know he's there. We do, little buddy, and we're glad you like us. We like you, too. Lots.

Your turn: What do pets add to a family?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

OMG! Now that's a good question.. Pets for me have been the ones I could tell anything and everything.. They've been my stand in shrink..My latest cat was bought a few years ago at the urging of my ex bf... Somehow, I got this feeling, that she would be my compadre...See, ex bf and I live in two different states... They say things happen for a reason....Anyway, she has been my savior, the one I know I can cry to. She understands me and likewise.

srp said...

They are the best sleeping buddies... and when you are really down you can tell them anything and they simply listen.. they don't try to tell you it will be ok or how to handle it.. they simply listen and love you with those eyes. They lower blood pressure and give lonely people a reason to get up and going.

lakeviewer said...

They help us get in touch with our animal self: food, friends and fun!

They live in the moment: everying is new, is now, is to be acknowledged.

They are always glad to see you: how fabolous is that?

Karen S. said...

EVERYTHING GOOD! Life wouldn't be the same without them! ;)

sage said...

When I read the title and looked at the dog, I thought you were going to discuss doggie breath, which I often get a whiff of if I'm not up and at it early in the morning, when Trisket comes to my side of the bed and pops his head on my pillow... Dogs really do make things better (even when he has to go out and it's well below freezing).

sage said...

BTW, that's a neat looking dog!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

As usual I forgot to mention, the most important, which is: cats/dogs both of which I've had are a constant reminder that they love and are loyal unconditionally... and that's one reminder I don't mind having.

forestwalk/laura k said...

our pets! much of the time...our 'bestest' friends! loyal. loving. grateful. understanding...always there when you need a good listener!

love your Frasier! what a cutie...and he's lucky to be a part of your family...just as your lucky to be a part of his!! :]

Chibi Janine said...

My dog has mastered the nose nudge, he will nuzzle his nose under your arm or he will nudge your behind if he is after something.

You have a handsome pooch there he's a real cutie.