Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magic at the kitchen table

Color my world
London, ON, February 2009
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Family is defined by more than mere names in a family tree. A corporate org chart, for example, only begins to scratch the surface of what makes a particular organization unique. The day-to-day activities, the one-on-one interactions, the feel of the place...those really tell the unique story of a given company.

And so it is with families. You can't tell a whole lot about them until you hang around for a while. And if you hung around ours, you'd notice how closely everything seems to revolve around the kitchen. It's the first thing you see when you come into our house (weird, I know) and it defines the atmosphere of our home.

Debbie, who would be a chef in another lifetime, creates magic from any ingredient she touches. The kids do their homework here. The dog stands under the table hoping manna will drop from human-heaven. When I need a change of scenery, I often bring my laptop here to write by the window. And this is where the kids learn to stretch their artistic wings with their mom.

Which is what they were up to on this day. Just an ordinary afternoon in our house. But a special one all the same. Because it told another few paragraphs in the unfolding story of us.

Your turn: What does an ordinary moment look like in your home?

One more thing: The backdrop I use for my Twitter account (link here) is my daughter's creation. She finished it during the session pictured above.


Chibi Janine said...

Our home life revolves round the study, Its a small easy to heat room so during winter we hide out there. Its also where the computer is so we watch My little lads DVDs or i player in the room as well. The results of being round the pooter is now a 3 year old who can log in and use a mouse with confidence.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

In my house an ordinary moment would be my middle or older daughter(s) popping in unexpectedly... Hearing the key in the door and a 'hello?' yelled... shoes off, purses dropped and in the kitchen.. yep, the kitchen is the focal pt... when i moved into this house, builders emphasized the kitchen and family room... known as the 'great room'... demographics showed that families congregated around kitchens and family rooms.. 4get the living room which btw becomes the study/sanctuary for us.
btw, i love the rainbow artwork on your twitter page....another artist in the making!

Tabor said...

There are just the two of us to fill every room and we often marvel at how we do use every room in this house. It is custom built but not so large we feel we are guests. When I have the little visitors (only two grandchildren) it seems as if the house has shrunk as every room (except the formal living room) gets strewn with toys and laughter. The gathering moves from toy room to TV room to kitchen to eating area.

Dawn said...

"Magic at the Kitchen Table"....that is one wonderful title.
Magic does happen there- doesn't it? It's my favorite place in our home.

Your picture captures a wonderful (creative) moment.

becca said...

i love the title of this post as for a moment is my house it is usually son curled up next to me on the sofa with both of us reading while his dad is sitting at the other end watching some sort of car show.

Karen S. said...

I remember when you posted this before, and spoke about the beautiful and loving connection between your children and your wife. It was one of the most tender things a father could say....and how you captured their hands at work.....the bonding....this is what a moment that should be had in the homes of all families!...mostly because while this is happening, there is a moving conversation that doesn't occur while the tv is on!

Pat Tillett said...

It's totally the same in our house. Life revolves around the kitchen. Even if food isn't being eaten or prepared. We seem to gather around the kitchen table.
Of course, food is a bonus!

nice thought provoking post!