Monday, November 28, 2011

Row upon row of emptiness

Before gametime
London, ON, November 2011

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When a stadium - in this case, London's TD Waterhouse Stadium - is packed with screaming fans, it has an energy that can't be explained, broadcast or written about. You have to be there to truly experience it, to feel it with every sense you've got, and even some you don't.

When the stands are empty, however, it's easy to imagine a tuft or two of tumbleweed blowing almost silently past, a reminder that a house isn't a home until it's filled with people. None of this means there's any less meaning to the empty state (these places, after all, spend the vast majority of their lives sitting still, waiting for the crowds to arrive) but it does serve as a reminder to pay attention to the quiet as much as anything else.

Your turn: What is the appeal of quiet?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

The appeal is that is the time when I do my best thinking.... Ever have your kids talk to you a mile a minute? :-) and having to tell them 'quiet, I can't think'? Silence helps me put things in order, also reassures me of what I am going to do or will do.

Anonymous said...

The space between thoughts is where I do all my 'processing'. Silence, solitude, quiet... create a place to absorb, reflect and recover.

mmp said...

the appeal is the "space" that appears to be available the quietness.

almost as if the real-time physical laws are suspended

quite how that works out...i'm a little unclear about tho!