Monday, December 26, 2011

Learning from your kids

I learned an important lesson from our kids today: Slow down. I've been burning the candle at both ends for so long that I think I had forgotten how important it can be to turn it all off every once in a while.

While I'm busy zinging from place to place, they're busy growing up, building foundations for whatever comes next. I'd be silly if I missed it because I was too occupied with life. There will always be more work, but there won't always be a little man who wants to play Crazy Eights.

Funny thing is they didn't have to say anything. It was the simplest of epiphanies, actually: We went out for breakfast. And we lingered for a while as the kids ate ice cream and laughed themselves silly. And I looked at my watch and realized time isn't doing me any favours, and we won't have limitless breakfasts like this to squander.

So I consciously enjoyed this one. And I'll enjoy whatever else comes along, even if it means rearranging the calendar a bit to accommodate the so-called real world. Who says what happens in their lives is any less real, anyway?

Your turn: How do you get the most out of the stuff - and the people - who matter most?


Jennifer fay said...

This is so true. We really have to slow down and learn from them. Some day they are going to be grown up and you will say, where did the time go? I wish I had been there more for them and not been so preoccupied with my life.

darlin said...

Carmi you pose an interesting question, my answer is similar to yours. I used to take offense when my oldest son would "pencil me in"... I'm his mother for crying out loud. Today I have learned not to take offense, I have accepted we live in a scheduled world where dropping on for a cup of coffee is unheard of. Living this city life is fast, it's busy, and we've all learned to make the time. We've been having a family dinner once a month during this past year and I've come to appreciate this time. No matter what my schedule looks like, I clear it for one day a month.

As for friends, we make time, somehow it all comes together between studies, work, and family. True friends understand that once every few months to sit and visit just has to work.

I'm glad your children taught you a life lesson, a very valuable one!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, one which brings you more quality time with loved ones. :-)

Pamela said...

one of the moments when I look for a "like" button. :)

H said...

I'm desperately trying to find the balance between scheduling and cherishing the moments as they happen. I tend not to schedule, so there is a lot of room for going with the flow of what the kids do. On the other hand, my kids miss out on fun opportunities because I don't look ahead and get things on the calendar.