Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Destination unknown

One craft, many lives
London, ON, October 2011
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One of my earliest memories was lying on the lawn and staring up at the sky. Contrails fascinated my toddler mind, as I couldn't begin to imagine that the tip of each one was a massive, hugely sophisticated machine capable of carrying hundreds of people thousands of miles. At first blush, it was simply a moving line in the sky, just the thing to attract, and keep, my attention.

I know a lot more about those machines now, but that fascination has never really left me. I'll often stop what I'm doing just to stare, to squint a little more intently, to try to identify the aircraft type and its possible route or destination, to wonder about the myriad lives passing almost invisibly far above my head. The Internet has made the process magically interactive - bless you, Wolfram-Alpha - but it's still a beautifully simple thing to just stand there and wonder.

Your turn: What other things make you stop and wonder?


Dawn said...

I still do the same thing. I stop, look up, and just stare and try to imagine what is going on inside the speck of a moving bird.

What makes me stop and wonder? The sunrise. Every morning.
Who looked at and felt the suns last rays? who just watched an amazing sunset?...and all the while it was coming over to me to light my world.

Good post Carmi.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I like the photo opportunities those contrails bring to one's sky pics.

Karen S. said...

It's funny, how each day there is something somewhere that makes me stop and wonder...too many times it's how some people drive!LOL But just this morning it was the gentle wake of morning on Dec. 14th with fog all around me, as the last bit of snow melts away....I hope old man winter stays sleeping...!