Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A look down a Montreal alley

Forgotten facades
Montreal, QC
July 2012
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I had come to Montreal's east end on a stiflingly hot and humid summer's afternoon to chat live with our national broadcaster, the CBC. But first I had to find my way from the Metro (subway) to the studios. And as it turned out, the few streets between here and there were in the heart of the city's Gay Village, an area rich with texture and life.

Looking at this particular picture, you wouldn't think it's particularly vibrant. At first glance, it might seem, well, a little depressing. Old, weathered brick buildings, largely forgotten by a city more intent on seeking a good time. But stare into the alleys long enough and you see age in a different way.

Lives happen here, too, except these aren't the lives you'll typically see in magazines. They're not glamorous or picture-perfect, and they're not always pretty. Doesn't make them any less significant, though. Or worthy of being remembered.

Your turn: What is the appeal of ordinary?

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Bernie said...

I love this old 'weathered' look... And to think, some people actually PAY big money to achieve it!!!