Saturday, January 05, 2013

Set phasers to...fog

Streaks of light
London, ON
December 2012
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Take a little bit of fog, mix in some sodium-vapor street lights, a few cars and one oddball photographer with an apparent need to shoot the arcane and you end up with this. I've got a thing for long-exposure shots at night, perhaps a leftover from a childhood spent staring at the sky and wondering where the clouds went when they disappeared from view. Or maybe I just like the concept of "different".

A kindly lady came out of her house as I was shooting this scene to make sure I was okay. Why would she do this? Because I had mounted my GorillaPod to the camera, and had wrapped it around my camera bag, which sat very close to the ground for the obligatory low-angle effect. To compose properly, I had to lie down on the sidewalk (and wouldn't you know it, but it was really cold!)

I suspect I might have looked injured or dead, and I similarly suspect I'd have been alarmed had I looked out my own window and seen something like this unfolding outside. Nice to know I've got at least one good-hearted neighbor. This pic's for her, whoever she is.

Your turn: Do strangers approach you when you shoot?


Mike Wood said...

the things we do for our art. There are many sidewalks, trails, river boulders, and floors with my chest imprints on them. :) No one has asked me so far. I am sure there has been some eye rolling thought. :)

Vicki said...

I had to chuckle, as I remembered a few years ago when, in February, with snow on the ground, I ran out of the house with no shoes on ... no coat and laid in my neighbors yard to get pictures of wild turkeys. I often wonder if they our the neighbors behind them saw me.

fredamans said...

LOVE this photo!

Max Sartin said...

Very cool picture, the fog and the "phasers". They are fun to try to get too.

cactus petunia said...

Wow! Awesome shot, Carmi. I do the same thing, trying to get just the right angle. Sometimes I realize how ludicrous it must look to passers by, since I tend to forget I'm a 50-plus year old woman with gray hair who probably shouldn't be climbing trees anymore...

Somewhere round about said...


only thery tend to get just SO far...and then stop and talk among themselves