Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cholesterol city

Oeuf means egg
London, ON
February 2013
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I've been shooting in the grocery store again. Yes, I run the risk of being busted. Again. No, I'm not going to let that stop me. Life's too short to waste not doing stuff because you worry what others might think I or do.

It's not like I'm knocking off a bank. I'm shooting egg cartons, so I think I deserve a pass for trying to find the fun in the otherwise unfun (yes, it's a word. Because I say so.)

Man, I'm in a mood tonight. You?


Unknown said...

I am in such a mood. I just keep telling myself... "impermanence" Sort of takes the edge off.

I think.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'm just an eggstra in this movie!

P.S. Carmi, I've been hassled for taking pics in the grocery store, too.

Don't let The Man get you down!

Tabor said...

Not sure why taking photos in a grocery store is so controversial. Did they tell you why not? Unless you were stopping traffic...I mean it is not as though you were in a bar where you can really get some interesting shots, no pun intended.

dean said...

I think many stores have given up trying to enforce the 'no photography' rule. In a modern world, where every phone is a camera, it's unenforceable. Some of them still post the signs, but there's little point in that, really.

larkswing said...

I just got back from taking a picture of what is left of a local bridge, from the next bridge. And I had just said to a coworker, I felt like I needed to wear a hat and sunglasses and a trench coat - I was more concerned about the folks in the passing cars than any of the other chances one takes on the bridge. And then there is your wisdom - can't worry about what others think!

Do stores really have signs about not taking pictures? I will have to watch. I take pictures of items when I want to check on something later and I don't have anything to write with or on :)