Monday, February 11, 2013

With great focus...

Up close and personal
Laval, QC
September 2012
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It was a cold and blustery day, with enough of a light, spitting ran thrown in to make the afternoon that much more entertaining.

The kids, antsy from being cooped up inside, jumped at the chance as soon as the weather let up just a bit. We grabbed our coats and cameras and headed for the door.

I had my camera, too, but that wasn't my real reason for being there. I just wanted to watch them explore, to see how they dug interesting sights out of a place - their grandparents' condo development - they'd been to so many times before. For once they'd lead and I'd follow.

And lead they did. The light was lousy, and the drizzle was persistent enough that we had to watch our lenses carefully. But with every dark cloud and gust of wind, they adapted and kept going. The chatter was delightful, as they discussed where to go next, and why.

Noah is proud of the fact that he's so much like me when he's got a camera in his hands. He stalks his visual prey, never afraid to get right down on the ground if it means getting a better shot. Little does he know that I'm just as proud of him for taking the art of photography and making it his own. Like everything in his life, he embraces it with more passion than you'd think a 12-year-old could muster.

We created another bunch of memories on that otherwise forgettable day. And as he continues to master the camera in his hand, I just know he'll want to keep heading for the door to create even more memories just like it.

Your turn: What's he shooting?

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Unknown said...

Well put, Carmi! When I take a photo, I'm creating a memory also. What a wonderful thought!! I managed to take a few photos when I was Noah's age. Glad I stopped by! :)