Monday, September 30, 2013

Radio days

I had a few really rewarding radio interviews recently that I wanted to share with you. (Ideally I'd share them all, but things have been a little busy lately, so I'll have to pick and choose the ones that are easy to find.)

Craig Norris of CBC Kitchener-Waterloo. We discussed the internal strife at BlackBerry that led to the crisis the company faces today, and what might have been had different roads been taken. Audio here.

NewsTalk1010 - Jerry Agar. We spoke last week about a report that cars will increasingly sprout Wi-Fi capability. I'm not impressed with the prospect of more driver distractions. Audio here.

NewsTalk1010's Moore in the Morning. I spoke with John Moore about the new California "erase-me-from-the-Internet" law. Lovely in theory, but laughably behind the times. Audio here (scroll to about the 32:30 mark.)

I'll post more as I can find 'em. Would love to know what you think!

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