Saturday, September 07, 2013

The saddest patio ever

Would you eat here?
Montreal, QC
July 2012
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Old Montreal is one of the loveliest places you could ever hope to visit. Buildings that are hundreds of years old hover over narrow, cobblestoned streets. As you wander through the shadows, you can easily imagine what it must have been like here long before Canada was founded. History comes alive in a place like this, and we were pretty lucky to have grown up so close to here.

Not everything is ever perfect, thought, even in beautifully preserved enclaves, and here's one example. I can't imagine anyone willingly spending time back here, yet whoever owns the establishment to the left clearly thought it was worth investing in patio furniture and cheesy Christmas lights.

Keep in mind that this was taken in July. No, I still don't get it.

Your turn: Who would eat here? What would their story be?

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21 Wits said...

Well, you know me, must see the other side of what if. Sometimes, it's sad but true, that just because we live in not so lovely a place, doesn't mean we can't enjoy the same happiness like those more fortunate souls.... I bet the laughter and chit-chat that rises from this very spot, is so worth hearing.