Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cybercrime comes to Canada. Canadians yawn.

Online crime is a funny thing. It's getting worse, with more individuals and businesses being victimized every day. Beyond sheer volume, the severity of such attacks is increasing as hackers get better at their malevolent trade. A bad situation gets worse as we shift more of our everyday lives online and become even more vulnerable in the process.

Yet on the street, most folks will just shrug it off. They say it can't happen to them, that their little lives are of no interest to cybercriminals, that they fall below the radar of such activity and, as a result, need not worry. Others say they simply don't have the time, money or expertise to deal with it.

When I saw a study that suggested 1 in 5 Canadian businesses had fallen victim to cybercrime within the past year, I saw a huge disconnect between perception and reality. So I wrote this piece for Yahoo Canada Finance: Cybercriminals take aim at Canadian businesses

Your turn: Do you worry about being hacked? What are you doing to stay safe online?

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Unknown said...

Actually, Carmi I follow your take on these subjects and your suggestions. What a shame we all have to worry so much about hacking these days!