Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What 94 mph looks like

The windup. The pitch.
Toronto, ON
July 2014
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I feel pain in my arm just watching a major league pitcher do his thing. Even though the extent of my throwing skill stops just short of getting the garbage bag into the big plastic bin in the garage, I can appreciate the intense skill and physical ability it takes to hurl a ball 50% faster than the speed of my car on the highway on the way to the ballpark. And he'll do it hundreds of times in a row, hopefully without the end result ending somewhere in the right field bleachers. Amazing stuff.

What makes this picture temporary? In the blink of an eye the ball will zip from his hand to the waiting glove of the catcher. Or it'll be smacked by a bat and sent sailing hundreds of feet in another direction. Either way, the physics of the thing are mind boggling. And if you so much as blink, you miss the temporarily spectacular show.

Your turn: Other things that are over in a blink...please discuss.


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Oh yeah, it was too fast for me! Very neat.