Friday, January 05, 2024

Green pepper musings

Eat your vegetables
London, ON
January 2024
This photo originally shared on Instagram

It’s been a while since we engaged in random #fruitography.

It all started when I’d shoot weird pics of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. It only got worse from there, including too many near-misses with security staff.

Yet I kept at it, not because I wanted to be arrested or permanently banned from the premises, but because the world doesn’t have enough moments of whimsy. So we make our own, often in ordinary places where whimsy wouldn’t otherwise happen on its own.

I initially settled on the fruits and vegetables aisle because it seemed more photographically promising than the canned foods or Kraft Dinner sections. Though now that I’m writing about it, perhaps I’ll give those cans another chance on a future visit.

Because anything goes in fruitography, or in whatever other innocuous little habit we might take on in an attempt to bring more joy to life. Both ours and the lives of others.

I’m keenly aware that not everyone would agree with me, and I’ve gotten plenty of scrunched brows over the years.

But I’ve also gotten far more smiles and nods, so I’ll keep at it. Democracy, you know.

All we really need is one smile, frankly. And if it takes spontaneous photo shoots in public spaces to encourage smiles - or kind words or thoughts - in others, then that’s what I’ll do.

There’s nothing stopping you from starting your own quiet movement, too. Call it whatever you wish.

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