Thursday, July 01, 2004

Canada Day, Eh?

Today marks the 137th anniversary of Canada's founding. Now known as Canada Day, it represents our national excuse to drink beer, eat barbecued meat (kosher, of course) and recite from memory the Top 50 reasons why this is the best country in the world (#10: Drunk Mounties.)

I've never been one for jingoism, so I'll stop it there. But keep this term in mind as you watch American coverage of the upcoming Olympics in Greece. A number of things will become painfully clear 30 seconds after you flip on the telly:

1 - Only Americans participate in the events covered. Non-Americans don't matter.
2 - If an American doesn't win, the sport is immaterial.
3 - The color commentators are contractually bound to root exclusively for the American athletes.
4 - The screen will be full of For Dummies-like graphic aids to help bubbas from the heartland understand how these strange sports work.
5 - Someone will need to explain, repeatedly, why "American" football is the "real" football. The rest of the world will eventually come around and learn to call it soccer.

You've been warned.


Trillian said...

Hope you had a great Canada Day, Carmi! I've got my flag ready to wave while I watch the Olympics this year.

Nick said...

You mean... the US _isn't_ the center of the universe? Holy crap! Epiphany!

Just kidding. We still are ;)

Nick said...
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Carmi said...

And therein lies the PR problem with which this great nation must cope.