Saturday, July 10, 2004

Tech Rants

I've been a Senior Research Analyst for London's Info-Tech Research Group since last October. The company has arranged with an American technology newspaper,, to publish opinion pieces from our Research department.

Here's my bio on the site. Don't be scared by the picture! I've had three pieces published so far, and they tend toward the ranty side of the opinion spectrum. Once I'm finished my current methodology project - Optimizing Your IT Infrastructure launches July 20th - I'll be able to devote more time toward coming up with more ticked off perspectives of an accidental geek. Until then, here's what I've published so far:

The Futility Of Mobility - May 21, 2004
Turn It All Off - April 9, 2004
The Megahertz Myth - January 30, 2004

I'll post more as they hit the site. Enjoy!


Lou said...

Dot's a really nice picture Carmi. You kinda look like a guy I used to work with :-P

Carmi said...

I hear that a lot. I was once mistaken for another kid at summer camp. We enjoyed perpetuating the ruse, letting people believe they were, in fact, speaking with the other guy and trying to avoid cracking a smile.

I guess I just have those generic, average-Canadian-guy looks.