Monday, January 23, 2006

Inspiration comes standard

I've long had a sweet spot for Honda vehicles. The second car I ever owned was a candy apple red Honda Civic Si. Sunroof, stick and was all I needed when I was young and impetuous. Click here for an earlier posting on it.

Honda, more than most other manufacturers, has always done an especially good job communicating with its audience on a deeply emotional level. Its television commercials, in particular, have long stood out from the usual high-volume sales pitches that have traditionally moved metal off the lot.

Honda UK has just released a stunning commercial that continues this tradition of excellent messaging. It's for the Civic hatchback (sadly not available in North America because folks on this continent still - and stupidly - don't get hatchbacks), and while watching it, you may find yourself oscillating between humor, amazement, and an emotional connection with the company behind it. Either way, I'm sure it will leave you feeling better about the planet.

On a day when one of its American competitors announces another wave of massive cuts, the dichotomy in these divergent message streams is poignant.

More goodies: The Honda UK Civic web site has additional background on the spot, how it was made, etc. Click on Watch, then sit back and enjoy the show. Flash-enabled browsers mandatory. Firefox doesn't seem to enjoy the experience as much as IE does.

Your turn: the company's slogan, which morphs silently into the screen at the very end of the spot, is The Power of Dreams. Does this inspire you? If so, how? If not, why not?


Karen said...

That is an AMAZING commercial. I used to work in advertising, so I really appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness. The UK site was busy, so I couldn't watch the rehearsal, but I'll go back, and I'll pass this on to my son who is majoring in music. The tagline is excellent.

We bought our first-ever Honda last year and I love it. In fact, we're hooked.

Thanks for passing this on Carmi. It's great to see a well-done ad that actually sells the product!

utenzi said...

I can't watch multimedia here at work but I'll do so when I get home tonight. I love Honda cars and it's been too long since I've had one, Carmi.

I used to have an Accord, 2 vehicles back, and really wanted a del Sol back when they still made them. I LOVED that car--but I ended up getting a small Infiniti instead and now I have a Nissan Frontier and it's almost 7 years old so it's time to buy another. So I particularly have an interest in car commercials right now.

Michele sent me to see you, Carmi! (hey, you're a car too!)

Dawn said...

I like the commercial...I can not say that I have any memories tied to a Honda but it is still a good commercial.

here via Michele

Sandy said...

I have to come back later to watch, but I know Honda. I love Honda. I'm getting I'll 'get' this too. My husband and I have had at least one Honda in our garage since we've been together. It's a love affair on four wheels.

Katie said...

howdy (had to give you the official Texas greeting). Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'll be back to visit and read.

Prego said...

Good commercial... Very good. But I'm not really inspired by vehicles. I'm pretty utilitarian about them. It saves me a long walk once in a while, but that's about it.

Promoting mass transit... That'd be inspiring, but commercials such as these perpetuate the illusion of the automobile as an extension of oneself. The more vehicles on the road, the more drunk drivers, pollution, road rage, junkyards and drive-through restaurants.

It's not like I'm a Luddite or anything... but I'd much rather live in a city where I didn't need a vehicle - and it's accompanying repair bills, insurance policies and all around chafe - and ride the subway instead. Unfortunately, Buffalo is not it.

Prego said...

PS - I love being able to disagree here. You rule.

Tasha said...

I am not here from michele's today:)
I have a Honda CRV. I totally miss my blazer but the gas milage is definately better!

surcie said...

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to advertising, I think. But I love my Honda minivan, and I miss my gold '83 Toyota Tercel hatchback. Frankly, I can't imagine ever owning an "American" car.

chronicler said...

Great commercials. However, it could be inspiring if I weren't a MINI Cooper owner. MINIUSA has done such a great job of marketing to us, most of us don't know there are other cars still being made. You should check their website and watch a few of their productions. They're great!

colleen said...

I buy Hondas because of the Consumer Reports ratings on them.

I do think commericials should go out of there way to be excellent if they want us to watch and remember them. I'm surprised at how many are lame.