Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winding down the day that was

As I wait for midnight to strike, I find myself sitting up in bed with my dog at my feet, and a laptop with a blank screen and a blinking cursor staring back at me.

Typical writer's scene, come to think of it.

It's been an insanely busy couple of days in my world thanks to this morning's interview in Toronto with CTV's Canada AM. It was an epic experience that was at once humbling and inspiring.

I got to tell my story, and I got to do it in a way that, based on the firestorm of discussion in social media that's been playing out ever since, clearly touched a lot of people who've experienced similarly life-altering health challenges.

There is so much more to share from a day that seemed to offer up a firehose of new experiences and moments. And as much as I want to share everything about an eventful day in a life that seems to offer up more than its fair share of eventful days (yes, I know I'm incredibly lucky), I'm forced to decide between writing it up and catching up on the sleep that I really, really need.

If having a stroke taught me anything - and let's be clear, I know it did - it's that I need to do a better job with this balancing thing. I lost a little sleep last night, but the ensuing day, filled with people who I love to work with and experiences that make me glad I'm still here, made it all worth it. But for now, I'll have to tuck in and leave the writing for another time. Time to refill the tank a bit.

Because tomorrow promises to be another busy, vibrant, fulfilling day. And I want to be rested up when I tell the next chapter of my story.

More to come...


21 Wits said...

This is so cool Carmi, and it's everything in life that happens for reasons, at the time unknown, but so important for us to pay attention too, and to share! Bravo, I hope to live long in reading, seeing and hearing about your continuing stories!

Gail said...

I am glad medical advances have made this possible for you and for millions more.